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Polaroids photographs from Lil Bubble music videos like 'All Time Lows', When Moon?' and 'Congratulations'


Lil Bubble is a degenerate moon boy. The satirical character was born in 2019 with the release of crypto-themed parody songs like All Time Lows, When Moon, Liquidated and Never Ever (Selling Back To Tether).

The singing spaceman has since amassed over 5 million views on his satirical music videos, performed at Blockshow Asia, DJ’d at the Binance 4th Birthday Party and released a number of project/artist collaborations.

With a debut album on the way and plans to build a whole swag of experiences in the metaverse, the Lil Bubble character is set for expansion into the realm of possibilities we call Web3. Are you coming along for the ride?


Originals. It’s in the name. Visual traits are based on the original characters and items from the Lil Bubble music videos. For the original Lil Bubble community members.

Different instruments, outfits and special accessories like rockets and gold chained-Ledgers make up this collection of 3333 NFT collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Originals will act as foundational Lil Bubble community tokens unlocking access to events, experiences, merch, collabs and new drops moving forward.

Have you heard there’s an album on the way? 🤔

Lil Bubble Originals - artwork preview animation
When Album?
Lil Bubble - G-Gen album - sample cover NFT art


Lil Bubble’s debut album ‘D-Gen’ is being released as its own collection of 3333 music NFTs. Each piece will contain unique, generated art and a random song from the album as a rarity-ranked trait.

Anyone holding a Lil Bubble Original will be entitled to mint one D-Gen NFT for free (+gas).

D-Gen NFT holders will then gain access to goodies like vinyl copies of the album and limited run album merch.

Lil Bubble site icon - pixelated spaceman

“Web3 (and more specifically, blockchain wallet integration) is a simple yet powerful addition to the internet as we know it. I think we’re only scratching the surface in terms of use-case but as a life-long creator, musician and graphic artist, I see an opportunity for anyone to build their own digital distribution network and connect with their people in a more intimate and more meaningful way than before.

This is my simple goal for Lil Bubble Originals. Whether it’s music, animation, merch or a virtual performance, I’m always experimenting with the Lil Bubble character. The access, ownership and permanence enabled by NFTs opens a new dimension for creativity and allows me to share things with my community in new ways.”

Disclaimer: This is art. Not an investment opportunity.

– Lil Bubble


Pre-roadmap? Lil Bubble has spent the past 4 years creating songs and videos for the ever-expanding Web3 community. The usual roadmap items have already been checked off the list which means the foundation is there and we can focus on having more fun moving forward.

The story so far. Since the birth of Lil Bubble in 2019, over 30 music videos have been released (with many more to come). Over 5 million video views, performances at Blockshow Asia, Binance’s 4th birthday party, and a bunch of collabs.

Lil Bubble Originals NFT drop. 3333 NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain, the Originals will become foundational Lil Bubble community tokens unlocking access to events, experiences, collabs and new drops moving forward.

The debut album. ‘D-Gen’ will be released via all streaming platforms AND as its own 3333-piece NFT collection. Free mint (+gas) for Originals holders. Vinyl copies and album merch will then be made available to D-Gen NFT holders.

Metaverse. Lil Bubble is diving head-first into The Sandbox with a team of builders. There will be a Lil Bubble nightclub, events, performances, games, wearables and other fun items created along the way. This is a big part of the plan moving forward and will provide a whole range of experiences for the community.

More drops. New mediums for creative experiments appear each day in the world of Web3. Music NFTs, art, collectibles and creative smart contract integrations open avenues to build upon (and evolve) the Lil Bubble character moving forward. They’re called Lil Bubble Originals for a reason 😉

Merch. An exclusive merch line is in development for Originals holders. Metaverse wearables included.

Collabs. Web3 opens doors for creative collaboration opportunities with other artists, projects and even members of the community. Lil Bubble has previously collaborated with Aavegotchi, 1inch, Binance, ByBit, Bancor and artists like 88N8 and ImRedRyan.

Frens. What if Lil Bubble is only the first..?